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No matter what brought you here to, we can all agree — communicating complex topics to patients can be challenging! A few years ago, at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), we took a good look at how we were communicating to patients and challenged ourselves to do better.

We set out on a journey to learn about what patients need when it comes to communicating complex topics. To do so, we brought patients, caregivers, advocacy, healthcare providers, and communication experts to the table to help us co-create new ways of communicating.

Over the years the learnings from co-creation have fed into a set of resources that has genuinely helped us improve our communications at BMS. But we knew if we wanted to make a real impact, we couldn't keep the UPL behind closed doors — it had to be shared with the world. We are dedicated to improving how we communicate with patients across the healthcare system, which means we can't do it alone. We are honored to share the UPL with you and hope you find it a useful set of resources.

We genuinely hope you engage with the principles and tools to better the patient experience. Thanks for joining us on this great adventure!

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This site is not intended for the reporting of side effects associated with the use of prescription drugs. If you, or someone you know, have possibly experienced a side effect while taking a Bristol Myers Squibb product, please contact us at: 800-321-1335 (toll free US only).

Patient Voice & Experience

We are a passionate group of BMS employees that contributes to assisting better patient experiences. We collaborate with people inside and outside BMS to apply and evolve the UPL.

The UPL and its applications were created with the support of Bridgeable, a service design firm based in Toronto, Canada. Bridgeable has worked with BMS on all elements of the UPL, from overall strategy to creating and applying design capabilities and UPL tools, training BMS employees in UPL, and designing The team includes design strategists, interaction designers, and service designers, plus a team of biomedical communicators who specialize in visually communicating science and medicine.

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