Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is an approach to problem-solving that considers the broader environment when developing a solution.

This video explains a little bit more about the role of systems thinking at
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS).

As a pharmaceutical company, our core competency is discovering medicines and bringing them to market. But the healthcare world is complex, with many interconnected stakeholders and processes. Understanding the full richness of the patient experience requires the insights and expertise of people with many different perspectives.

Systems thinking is one way that BMS incorporates those different perspectives. Part of systems thinking is collaborating with many different individuals and organizations: healthcare providers, academics, experts from private industry, advocacy groups, and
of course, patients and their caregivers.

Systems thinking allows BMS to have a larger impact on the whole patient experience. BMS may have a role to play in many aspects of healthcare, but we will often need to collaborate with others to create meaningful change at the level of the whole healthcare system.

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